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Why Pulse?

One of the biggest challenges in the medical and healthcare field is that therapies, medicines and medical technologies are rapidly changing and it is unfortunate that only a small fraction of the world population are able to keep up with the latest development in the field even among those living in the developed countries.

To circumvent this, Pulse will accumulate the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information and integrate it with expert knowledge from around the world, enhanced with AI to deliver the most advanced medical care equally to everyone.

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Why Blockchain?



In the past, any medical data collected has been vulnerable to alteration with several negative consequences. For instance, data can be altered at hospitals to conduct insurance fraud, or corrupted data when aggregated can lead to dangerous conclusions in drug trials and other research projects. Data stored in a blockchain is timestamped, cryptographically sealed and immutable, and any retrospective changes are immediately apparent. Use of blockchain technology will therefore make data falsification a thing of the past.


The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that there is no single point of failure which can bring down the data creation, processing and access mechanism.Information is available 24/7.


Smart contracts and efficiency

Use of smart contracts to automate administrative processes like billing, issuing and filling prescriptions, filing and receiving insurance claims, etc. will provide efficiency gains to all medical practitioners on the platform by removing several of the rent seeking middlemen.

Transparency and Authenticity

Blockchain technology makes it possible to verify data. Note that given the sensitivity of medical data, the actual patient information is currently stored using secure, encrypted and natural disaster resistant infrastructure.Only data hashes will be stored in the blockchain. These however are sufficient to verify authenticity.

AI Power

Why Polkadot?

Pulse uses the Polkadot ecosystem to provide the ability to run multiple chains in parallel with each transaction being processed in parallel which allows for much efficient scalability. Polkadot is designed to allow applications and smart contracts to seamlessly transact with data and assets on other chains on a single blockchain.
With the Polkadot ecosystem, security is centralised within the network, meaning that individual chains can leverage collective security without having to start from scratch in order to gain traction and trust. There will be greater efficiency relative to other consensus mechanisms.
Pulse Pocket

Pulse Pocket (Personal)

Our revolutionary healthcare app Pulse Pocket will be developed to support the users’ health in many aspects. Pulse Pocket will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer the health guidance that best matches their health conditions, while serving for the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records.
Pulse Pocket

Health support informative videos

Pulse Pocket will offer health informative videos. On top of the descriptions of diseases, the topics of these videos will include medicine administration and health-related familiar, everyday matters—familiar to many ears, but actually not known in detail. We will make extra efforts when we create videos to entertain the users. We will also offer support for health information linked to the contents of the videos.
Pulse Pocket

Digital medicine notebook

Pulse Pocket will automatically record the data of the medication prescribed at the hospital. The users will be able to view the detailed descriptions of the corresponding generic medicines and to make their own decision whether to choose the generic product.
Pulse Pocket

Provision of health check-up results and associated health information

Pulse Pocket will deliver the results of a routine health check-up and relevant health information. This function will also serve as an alert notifying their upcoming routine check-up. Furthermore, Pulse Pocket will manage the past data in a chronological order, while functioning as severe-disease prevention and prompting health informative videos of relevance.

Pulse Pocket

Alert for severe disease prevention

The users of Pulse Pocket will be able to readily book a health checkup and make an appointment at the medical institutions that use our $PULSEa-EMR.
Pulse Pocket

Health check-up support

The users of Pulse Pocket will be able to readily book a health checkup and make an appointment at the medical institutions that use our $PULSEa-EMR. This function will facilitate hospital visits by eliminating the time for cumbersome telephone appointments and long waiting hours.
Pulse Pocket

Application for Mail Medical Check

Our cutting-edge technology can produce a detailed analysis from a small amount of blood sampled from a fingertip to screen pathological risks, which the user can receive in a report on the app. If the user continues to use the service, their historical data will be stored as part of the integrated advanced medical information, and they can browse their historical records in graphs and access the relevant health information for browsing. To note, 2% of the gross profits from the Mail Medical Check operations will be donated to support medical care in the developing countries.
Pulse Pocket


Pulse Pocket will introduce the users merchandise that is relevant to maintaining their health. Corresponding to their individual healthy activities and health checkup records, the users will receive the merchandise information carefully selected by experts. The users can purchase merchandise by engaging in healthy activity mining.
Pulse Pocket

Access to medical information infrastructure and search function

The Pulse Network will store a vast volume of medical information including the most advanced medical information and medical expertise and knowledge. The users of Pulse Pocket will be able to access and browse such reliable information whenever they wish.
Pulse Pocket

Wallet function and amulet

Pulse Pocket will come with a wallet function of the rewards the user receives for their healthy activities. With the use of ERC20, not only will they be able to save their mining rewards, but also to pay their medical bill at the participating clinics of the Asclepius Network project as well as for the bills for Mail Medical Check. The users will be awarded the cryptocurrency as an amulet, and they will be able to familiarize themselves with it.
Pulse Pocket

Multilingual Pulse Pocket

Pulse Pocket will be multilingual, so that the users can use it in their home country. Furthermore, the users will be able to access the information relevant to their home country and receive support of their healthy activities that suit the environment there.
Pulse Records EMR

Pulse Records (EMR)

Our revolutionary healthcare app Pulse Pocket will be developed to support the users’ health in many aspects. Pulse Pocket will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer the health guidance that best matches their health conditions, while serving for the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records.
Pulse Pocket

AI-aided diagnostic information

Associating with the Asclepius Network project, the shared property of the information from medical specialists around the world, Pulse Records will allow every doctor who uses it to share clinical information. With regard to AI-aided diagnostic information, we will start with collecting case-study information globally in order to integrate a wide range of diagnostic/therapeutic protocols. Also, we will install the treatment guidelines issued by medical societies of all specialties. In the future, when we integrate the expertise and knowledge of various specialists, each doctor will be able to access the knowledge base from their terminal as they record the patient’s conditions and to study the relevant information marked with their sources.
Pulse Pocket

Multilingual Pulse Pocket

Pulse Records will be multilingual, so that wherever the user practices medicine, they will be able to take advantage of Pulse Records to access the most advanced medical information while conversely contributing their country’s own medical advancement to the information base. Such contribution will further enhance the knowledge base. Doctors in developing countries will, therefore, be able to access the knowledge base and provide their patients with the most advanced medical care. We are aiming to develop the global standard of medical recording.
Pulse Pocket

Usability improvement

We will continue to develop the system further for better usability and browsability, with the priority always on the usability of the system; we will continue to pursue patents for the technologies developed along the way.
Pulse Pocket

Embedded wallet functionality

Pulse Records will also have a wallet functionality to receive payments made in unique cryptocurrency for uninsured medical care.
Pulse Pocket

Telemedicine to be made possible

With the AI-aided diagnostic imaging, medical records on the network, and the integrated medical knowledge base, we will be able to readily offer telemedicine—remote clinical medical care—which is expected to become widely accepted in the rural regions in Japan as well as in Europe and North America. The use of this service will enable the most advanced medical care to reach people in every corner of the world.
Pulse Pocket

Real-time research of the latest pharmaceutical information

With the integrated information online, the users will be able to refer to the information on any prescriptions directly. Pharmaceuticals companies will constantly update the database, so that doctors and pharmacists will have access to the latest information anytime.

Pulse Pocket

Reservation system and insurance claim function

At medical institutions, their operations rely on a number of systems ranging from reservations, medical records, placing orders, insurance claims, etc. Pulse Records will come with the medication order and insurance claim functionality, on top of the reservation system linked to Pulse Pocket. Once the doctor makes an entry into Pulse Records as they perform an examination, they will be able to refer to the relevant aided diagnostic information and promptly place an order according to the prescription suggested by the system, which then seamlessly enters into the invoice system.

Management Team

of project operating company

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi

CEO, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.

CEO, Macrocom Corporation (current)
CEO, Well Life Communications Corporation
CEO, Universal Solution Systems Inc.
(listed on JASDAQ)
CIO, Saint Marc Corporation
(now Saint Marc Holdings, TSE 1st Section 3395)
CEO, Dewey Corporation
Okayama System Service Co., Ltd

Alma mater: Seto High School

Toshifumi Oda

Director on Board, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.

Director, Myojo Gakuen School Corporation Urawa Gakuin
Director, Social Welfare Corporation Genkimura Group
Auditor, Medicare Support CorporationCEO, Japan Healthcare Business Inc. (current)
Executive Chairman, Japan Medical System Corporation (current)
Director, Tobu College of Medical Technology
Member, Konosu City Council
CEO, Japan System Corporation (now Japan Medical System)
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
Alma mater: School of Engineering, Keio University


Minoru Mogi


COO, Total Health Consulting Inc. - Tokyo
Executive Officer, Finance, Japan Xpress Ltd. ‒ Tokyo
Director of Finance and Administration, Mondial Assistance Japan (A.S. 24 K.K.) ‒ Tokyo
Translator (Self Employed) ‒ Chiba
General Manager ‒ Reporting & Analysis, Financial Control, AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ‒ Tokyo
CFO, Prudential Financial Advisors Securities Co., Ltd. ‒ Tokyo
VP, Financial Control, Credit Suisse First Boston Securities (Japan) ltd. ‒ Tokyo
Associated Director, Head of Management Accounting, UBS Securities Japan Ltd. ‒ Tokyo
Accountant, Credit Suisse First Boston Securities (Japan) Ltd. ‒ Tokyo
Accountant, Morgan Stanley Japan Ltd. ‒ Tokyo


Dr. Souichiro Asanami, DDS, PhD


DDS, Tokyo Dental College - 1966
PhD, Tokyo Dental College - 1979
Postdoctoral Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz - 1988

Associate Professor, Keio University - 1984
Professor, International University of Health and Welfare – 2007
Director, Nishi-Azabu Oral Surgery Implant Center - 2014
Honorary Member, Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Auditor, Japanese Academy of MaxilloFacial Implants
Honorary Member, Japanese Society of Dentistry for Medically Compromised Patient
Auditor, Japanese Society of Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Director, Educational Foundation Japan Sweden Dental Academic Society

Toshifumi Oda


Born July 25, 1950
Graduated from Keio University, Engineering Department Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation
Japan Systems Corporation CEO(Currently Japan Medical Systems)
Konosu City Council member
Tobu College of Medical Technology Director
Japan Medical Systems Executive Chairman (currently)
Japan Healthcare Business CEO (currently)
Medicare Support Standing Auditor
Genkimura Group Director
Meisei Gakuen Urawa Gakuin Director

Advisory Board

Medical Supervision

Hiroyuki Yasuoka, MD

Director, Minami Akasaka Clinic

The authority on preventative medicine with advanced medical technology.
Dr. Yasuoka supports the Pulse Network project with his extensive medical insight.
Dr. Yasuoka’s solid network of medical authorities throughout the Japanese medical community is an asset to the project.
Class of 1983, Keio University School of Medicine,Opened Minami Akasaka Clinic in 1990.
Trained in Radiology and preventative stress management at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Emory University Hospital, USA.
Internship at the Keio University Hospital Department of Radiology(
Medical Corporation) with a focus on preventative medicine.

Seafood Vegetarian (Vovis)
Tsuma ha Naze Otto ni Manzoku Shinai no ka (Kadokawa Shoten)
Karo Shi – Totsuzen Shi ha Kou Fusegu (Japan Business Publications)
Isogashii Hito Hodo Kenko Kanri ga Umai (Narumido Publications)
Oishasan no Hanashi ga 10-Bai Wakaru Hon (Japan Medical Publications)

Profile pic

Haruhiko Ogata, MD

Director/Professor, Center for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy, Keio University School of Medicine

Dr. Ogata serves as a professor at Keio University, deemed as a top clinical researchinstitution in Japan. Dr. Ogata, the authority on endoscopic medical care, contributes his expertise and knowledge to the advancement of diagnostic imaging where early application ofmedical AI is anticipated.

Peter Lingström

Peter Lingström

Professor/Senior Dental Officer, Department of Cariology, Institute of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Dr. Peter Lingström is a globally renowned authority in the field of medical care. Dr. Lingström has been fostering promising degree candidates as a main supervisor at the department while actively engaging in financial support for dental care.

He holds several posts including the vice president of Sweden’s society of Cariology, a cariological clinical specialist for the Västra Götalands län public dental health department. Having been helping the efforts to eradicate dental caries and periodontal diseases from Sweden for many years, Dr. Lingström is also responsible for the Swedish health department’s dental guidelines.

Dr. Lingström has published more than 100 academic papers on cariology and periodontal disease prevention. Dentistry, Lund University Doctor in Dentistry, University of Gothenburg Associate Professor, Kristianstad University Visiting Professor, University of Sassari Professor/Senior Dental Officer, University of Gothenburg Vice Chairman, Swedish Society of Cariology Cariological Specialist, Kingdom of Sweden Department of Public Dental Health, Head of Dental Guideline Committee, Kingdom of Sweden Department of Public Dental Health.

Masakuni Tamura

Professor, School of Science and Technology, Meiji University

Supervisory Officer, Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation (current) CEO, Arc Brain, Co., Ltd. (current) Director on Board, Sigma Planning Institute, Inc. Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd.


Medical Intellectual property rights supervision

Ryosuke Tamura

Chief patent attorney, Lighthouse International Patent Firm

Ryosuke Tamura, an expert on management of intellectual property, manages intellectual property rights of the Pulse Network project—which is an indispensable part of the project.

After graduation, he began work for a chemical manufacturer where he engaged in research and development.
He, later, joined a patent firm and subsequently registered as a patent attorney in 2003.
In 2004, he moved to join a consulting firm.Since establishing Lighthouse International Patent Firm in 2007, he has provided attentive support for patent applications extensively in the fields of software and chemistry.
Alma mater: School of Engineering, Kyoto University


Pulse Network Achievements
  • Establishment of JpMedsn
  • 60,000,000 JPY in capital as of H1
  • Start of Pulse Record development
  • 148,750,000 JPY in capital as of H1
  • Start of Pulse Pocket development
  • Pulse Record α-version released, trial phase in several clinics
  • Rollout of Pulse Record α-version in Q1/Apple App Store certification acquired
  • 249,750,000 JPY in capital as of H2
  • Launch of Pulse Pocket and start of full-scale promotion in Q2
  • Rollout of Pulse Record β-version in Q3, pilot
  • Launch of Pulse Record and start of full-scale promotion in Q2
  • Acquired 9 patents
Q1 - 2020
  • Agreement with the National Medical Association Science and Technology Investment Association
Q2 - 2020
  • CPC Central Committee - State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council
Q3 - 2020
  • Intermediaries of corona test kits used in military hospitals
Q4- 2020
  • Brokerage of military equipment
  • Brokerage of police equipment
Q1- 2021
  • Integration with PolkaDOT
Q2 - 2021
  • Launching a joint venture with the National Medical Association
Q3- 2021
  • Launch of PULSE Governance

Our Partners

Better Together
Profile pic

Japan Healthcare Business Inc.

JHCB operates the business of reviewing the medical insurance claims of over six million people per year in place of hospital and clinics.

Public Sector

Track record of the project operating company
Profile pic

FY2012 Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

For the Subsidy for Service Industry Reinforcement Project Expenses (Subsidy for Regional Healthcare Development Promotion Project Expenses) Healthcare Services Creation Support Project, the MEIT selected the proposal by the “Kanagawa Working KAIGO Consortium” for “next-generation nursing system utilizing new input device” in which JpMedsn served as an operating company, and its implementation was duly completed.


In the run-up to the Pulse Network project, JpMedsn has applied for patents. As of today, the company has acquired the following four patents, with twelve patents still pending.*Macrocom Corporation is a pure holding company of JpMedsn.
Pulse Pocket

Patent no. 6117483 Apparatus for Medical Data Conversion/Transmission and Method for Medical Data Conversion/Transmission

An apparatus for converting and transmitting various formats of common medical data contained in electronic medical record information to a patient medical information server. As a result, common medical data can be conveniently accumulated as common information even if the formats of the individual electronic medical records are different.

Pulse Pocket

Patent no. 6177527 Medication Administration Information Provision System

A system for providing medication administration information, equipped with the function that allows all doctors and pharmaceutical companies to share information “only” on medicines in coordination with the medical information system, while maintaining anonymity of each entry for personal information protection. This system, thus, enables physicians to access information of the latest pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical companies to easily accumulate data on medication administration.

Pulse Pocket

Patent no. 6177546 Medical Information Display System

A system for enhancing the convenience of patients and medical institutions by allowing patients’ medical information to be viewed by not only patients themselves, but also by medical institutions other than those patients had visited in the past. As a result, patients’ family doctors and major hospitals can share information on their medical history and can perform more adequate treatment in a shorter time than that taken at the first visit.

Pulse Pocket

Patent no. 6356466 Medical Record Entry Support System, Server Apparatus, Terminal at Medical Institution, Medical Record Entry Method, Apparatus at Medical Institution, and Medical Record Entry Support Program

A system provides support for medical record entry with the user interface to facilitate entry of a medical record, as the relevant information appears on the screen when the doctor makes choices there during patient encounter. As a result, the support system significantly reduces the time for medical record entry.